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Union Librarian Kostas Chryssthanopoulos has resigned claiming “to serve under this President has been the biggest regret of my time in this Society and I want nothing more to do with him.”

In a resignation email to the President, Returning Officer and Librarian-Elect, Kostas declared: “I refuse to hold this position any further, having suffered repeated and continued attacks which have been personal from the start.”

He added : “Moreover, my friends have also been targeted not only in the past but also recently, to hit back at me for the actions I undertook earlier this week. Actions which were well within my rights and which, in my view, I had a duty to pursue.”

Union President, Ben Sullivan, has released a statement saying: “I am extremely sorry that Kostas has resigned. It is a great shame that our friendship has ended in this manner. The Union is grateful for everything he has done for the society and I wish him all the best for the future”.

Chryssthanopoulos’ resignation follows his strongly worded speech and walk out from Thursday night’s debate. In his speech he accused Sullivan of “lying to members” and being an opponent of freedom of speech.

Chryssthanopoulos was protesting against the Union’s funding of Ben Sullivan’s legal proceedings against The Tab. Chryssthanopoulos filed a Special Adjournment Motion against the funding. Subsequently, Sullivan reversed the Union’s funding of his legal expenses at an Emergency Standing Committee meeting on Monday.



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