‘Coprus’ Christi ball blunder

Students who attended the Corpus Christi ball last week were amused to find that their wristbands read “Coprus” rather than “Corpus”.

Whilst the mad hatters and white rabbits of this world were sorting out their issues with further riddles, the committee were trying to figure out how to handle the spelling mistake.

Erika Pheby, head of marketing for the ball, said: “Everyone was very amused when we saw it. I think it does sum up our ball committee quite nicely: a little haphazard, somewhat dysfunctional, but nonetheless jovial and enthusiastic… In line with the theme, we’re all mad here!”

Sophie Baggott, who was head of decorations for the committee, said: “Our ball committee was thrilled with how ballgoers pondered the quirky spelling. Wonderland is a world of wondering, and Coprus is all about eccentricity. Have you guessed the riddle yet?”

Aled Jones, who studies at Corpus, found the mistake amusing, and went as far as saying: “This was merely an ingenious viral marketing ploy, and it appears to have worked; with a huge attendance at an excellent ball, no doubt caused by the plethora of Coprus wristbands pictures that have been circulating on Snapchat over the last week.” 

Other students reacted similarly, finding the event a charming addition to the Alice in Wonderland-themed ball. A first year at Corpus said: “Everything else about the ball went perfectly, so I guess there had to be something!”

Another student, who chose not to be named, found the mistake an amusing memento: “I think it’s pretty funny – I’ll definitely keep the wristband now.”

Despite the mistake, the ball went ahead and the spelling mistake went down as an added laugh!