Petition for unisex toilets at new Babylove

79 students have signed a petition calling for the return of unisex toilets at Baby Love Bar’s new venue.

The petition read: “Dear Martin Forde, we heard you were thinking of installing gender-neutral toilets in the new Baby Love venue.”

“They were one of the great features about the old venue, so we would love it if you did!”

Matthew Shaw, a first-year linguist at St Hugh’s, said: “I am one hundred percent for it. I think it’s about time that people recognised the importance of gender neutral for the inclusivity of the all members of the LGBTQ community.”

With the return of the famous Supermarket alternative music night, Baby Love Bar will open its doors again tonight in its new location, the Castle Tavern.

Poptarts, the popular LGBTQ club night, was held there on Tuesday.

Matthew Davies, a second year History and English student at Queen´s, said: “I think that the petition sends a really positive message about gender neutrality, which is obviously really important to our community.” 

“There are genuine concerns however about the need for safe women’s spaces in clubs and I’d suggest that Baby Love’s owners consider these carefully before deciding to make all toilets gender neutral.”

One student who wished to remain anonymous said: “In a place like Baby Love it is fine to have unisex toilets, because gender is not usually an issue for the sort of clientele it attracts.”

“Although it’s important not to generalise, most people who go there are unlikely to cause trouble if mixed with other genders in the toilets.”

“However, I am concerned about the precedent this petition might set. In places like Bridge, Camera and Park End it’s very important not to repeat this, as for safety reasons women and guys need separate spaces. There could be all sorts of issues if genders mix there,” he added

Other students were more positive; Mia Smith, a first-year Classicist at Oriel, said: ‘It’s a great idea. The unisex toilets at the old Baby Love added a lot of character to the place.  It was the perfect place for a quick chat.”

“It would be a shame to lose that. If I were the owner, I would not hesitate in replicating the unisex toilets at the new venue.”

Lee Mclellan, a first-year English student at St Hugh’s, said: “Unisex? Toilets? What’s not to love!”

“I hope the owner of Baby Love heeds the calls of this petition and appreciates that it is things like the toilets that make his bar so popular.”