Cambridge students “sing misogynistic songs” in Oxford

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A group of alleged Cambridge students have been filmed marching down Oxford High Street singing “misogynistic” songs.

The group of men sang chants with lyrics including “she’s too young I said, 15 years” and “rape, rape, rape”. The group also chanted “If you’d rather be at Cambridge, clap your hands”.

The incident was filmed by a student at St Hilda’s, and posted in the “Cuntry Living” and “Misogyny Overheard” at Oxford Facebook groups. The student commented: “I was walking down the High Street earlier when I hit a group of 20 some odd drunk students (perhaps not all from Oxford but obviously society member, all white) chanting something about rape.”

She continued: “They saw me filming and asked me what I was doing, at which point I asked them way they were doing. I also had a chat with one, who was pretty sympathetic, despite saying in a slightly mansplaining way “well of course we wouldn’t want you to feel offended’”.

She described her reaction as “Slightly shell shocked and confused”.

The incident caused a furore on Cuntry Living and Misogyny Overheard. Joe Williamson, a third year Wadhamite, asked, ”Where do these people crawl out of?”. Another poster called the incident “absolutely disgraceful”.

After it was claimed that the students in question attended Cambridge, OUSU VP Women Sara Pine said, “I’ll call the CUSU [Cambridge University Student Union] women’s officer first thing tomorrow. I think what we should do is find a way of identifying all of these men and then talk to their colleges about disciplinary procedures.”

Cuntry Living members claimed to recognise the students from Magdalene College, Cambridge and suggested that they were members of the college’s drinking society, the Wyverns.However, the Wyverns issued a statement saying “the Wyverns would like to condemn the actions of those seen acting inappropriately in Oxford this weekend. This was not a Wyvern organised event and the video shows no current student to be taking part in the disgraceful chants.

We find the behaviour seen in the video appalling and hope those who are involved are made to apologise.”


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