Ghostly presence in Wadham hall

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A professional photographer working at Wadham appears to have captured the image of a ghost.

The picture was photographed by Michael Fox from Revolution Viewing whilst he was taking a 360-degree panorama of the College’s hall and conference facilities. On the lefthand corner of the picture is an undefined grey blur which baffled the professional team who were producing the images. The unexplained shadow can be seen in the corner of the hall near to high table. Wadham’s website first reported on the ghostly sighting. 

Such mysterious apparitions in the College may well be expected considering the discovery of skeleton in the college’s grounds reported by this paper in January last year. Head of Communications at the college, Julia Banfield, commented that there has been “some talk of ghosts in the hall over the years”. It is unclear whether the Head of Communications is  responsible for communicating with spirits. 

One Wadhamite commented on the College’s apparent aptitude for attracting the supernatural: “We’re still waiting for the vampire sightings in the Old Refectory to complete the set.”

This is not the first report of such sightings according to the Oxfordshire Paranormal Database. The database records a 1968 sighting of a ghostly white monk by a night porter. A previous Deputy Head Scout also documented an apparition in that area. The scout saw a woman thought to be the founder Dorothy Wadham, who never visited the college whilst alive.

Ann Kidd, Assistant butler of the college was unsurprised by the photographs: “I know of several people who claim to have seen ghosts […] and several guests claim that it momentarily strikes cold in the hall at around 10pm.”

Others were more sceptical, one student commenting how “it’s incredible what cameras pick up nowadays, the capacity to find pale white light in a room is almost astounding”.

The ghost was unavailable for comment.