Dramatis Personae: Oluwafemi “Femi” Nylander


Freshers from Regent’s aren’t the most obvious candidates to be making waves on the theatrical scene and beyond, but Oluwafemi “Femi” Nylander has kept himself very busy indeed this year, and the results are starting to show.

Coming out the other side of Regent’s disappointing Cuppers production of Bacchanal  not only unscathed, but with a standout performance, he quickly learned who the right people to be rubbing shoulders with in Oxford were – by Hillary, he was starring as Jonas Fogg in Sweeney Todd under the wing of OUDS Committee member (and, as of last week, OxStu-certified BNOC) Luke Rollason.

With that experience under his belt, he’s setting his sights on bigger, better things this term, starring as Othello in the Christ Church garden play. And, as if three terms just isn’t enough, he’s off to Japan this summer to star as Antonio in the OUDS International Shakespeare Tour production of Twelfth Night. The tour is a coveted gig even for the most seasoned OUDS veterans, and Femi joins the cast as the only fresher.

Despite telling me he’s eyeing up a debut Playhouse role in the upcoming production of The Pillowman, it seems that Femi has his fingers in enough non-theatrical pies to keep him occupied – if you thought you’d heard his name before, it could well have been through his role as frontman of Millie Is A Boy, the band-in-demand on the ball circuit (alongside Cherwell editor Joe Iles and fellow fresher Ross King of Into the Woods – again, Femi has a way with the company he keeps). Or maybe as PPE Committee member. Or in his campaign for the Afro-Caribbean Soc presidency. If you managed to miss all that, take note – Nylander could well become Regent’s biggest export.

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