This time it’s personal

In the past we could tell ourselves that the reason celebrities were far better dressed than the average person we saw walking down the street, was because they had money and this money could buy them a personal stylist.

Personal stylists cover everything from red carpet glam to the chic yet effortless everyday outfit. This means celebrities are bound to look great at 7am when they’re doing the school run because unlike the rest of the nation, they don’t have to think. Their outfits are ready and waiting for them when they roll out of bed, resulting in an instant high fashion appearance.

blake lively

However, we no longer need to feel inferior to these celebrity A-listers, for personal stylists are now taking over the high street and the best thing about it is that in many shops, the stylists themselves don’t cost a penny.

Topshop offer a great service where you only pay for what you purchase. Prior to your appointment you will be asked to fill in a form regarding your size, shape and height, along with a description of the colours and styles of clothes you tend to wear.

Then for the exciting bit-what are you looking for?

On most of my visits to the Oxford Street store, I have been in search of everyday clothes, so I was surprised when my friend told me she had booked a style day to find an outfit for her cousin’s wedding. Topshop wouldn’t have been my first port-of-call but having seen her outfit, I wouldn’t look anywhere else.

The great thing about using a personal stylist for an occasion like this is that you are searching for the whole outfit; you need the dress, the shoes, the blazer and the accessories to complete the look. However, trying to do this alone can be tricky and most people have a tendency to buy one item and then struggle to find the other components to match. This is where your stylist comes in.

My friend was overwhelmed by the choices available to her and wished she had a few more weddings to attend. She wanted everything. This is where the stylists do succeed (the good ones anyway). You walk into a room with walls dripping with outfits, outfits that on your own you wouldn’t have looked twice at but once you try them on, you never want to take them off. So, despite the stylists not charging for the service, the temptation is strong and some self-control is required to prevent yourself from just buying the lot.

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Next time you are panicking that its two weeks before your graduation, family wedding or a 21st party book yourself in with a personal stylist and it is virtually guaranteed that you’ll be the best dressed in the room.

Shops with a style service:

Topshop (Queen St)

Forever 21

House of Fraser

Debenhams (Magdalen St)

The Ballroom Emporium (The Plain)

John Lewis

Casa Rose Oxford (Walton St)