VIDEO: Police push “peaceful” Clegg protestors

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Nick Clegg’s visit to Oxford yesterday was marred by what appears to be police aggression against protestors – caught exclusively on video by The Oxford Student.

At one point, an officer appears to forcefully shove Wadham fresher Barnaby Raine, a prominent figure in the Oxford Activist Network. Raine later commented that police aggression towards peaceful protestors was a disappointingly “common occurrence”, emphasising that he was “not in any way violent” toward the officer concerned.

He went on to say: “The police are meant to facilitate democratic peaceful protest.”

Around 30 students from the Oxford Activist Network were in attendance at a protest march from the Taylor Institution to St Antony’s College, where the Liberal Democrat leader was scheduled to speak about Britain’s place in the EU.

The activists were heard chanting “Nick Clegg, shame on you for turning blue” and “Education is a right, not a privilege”, while holding banners reading “Clegg off Campus”.

See the full story in The Oxford Student – in lodges and JCRs tomorrow

Video: Luke Mintz