Christ Church hosts singing BNOCs at JCR husts

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Christ Church JCR’s hustings took a surprising turn this week when candidates for presidents were asked to turn out as many BNOCs as they could.

OUSU President-elect LJ Trup took to the stage at the event, along with one of the Oxford Student Editors-in-Chief Rosalind Brody and NoHeterOx** Editor Otamere Guobadia.

Popular middle-aged clubber Old Man Bridge also appeared at the husts on Sunday, following his appearance in similar husts at Queen’s last Trinity. He was joined by Jane Cahill, former JCR President at Queen’s and runner-up in the last  OUSU presidential election.

The famous Oxford personalities were invited to the husting by the candidates themselves in a competition to form the largest and most musical BNOC choir.

It is reported that Christ Church Dean, the Very Reverend Christopher Lewis, performed a rendition of Oasis’ smash hit “Wonderwall”. Trup, Guobadia, Cahill and Brody sang a cover of “5000 Miles”. 

Louise Revell, one of the JCR presidential candidates, commented: “As soon as the challenge was set I knew what I had to do, then it was just a matter of making dreams become reality.

“What did I learn about Old Man Bridge in our thirty short minutes together? Simon, as I now call him, has a beautiful falsetto and innate sense of rhythm. The rest, however, is still whispers on the wind.”

Her competitor, Ben Blades, said: “It was a really tough challenge, but the participation and cooperation of the Dean really boosted my performance not just in the challenge itself, but throughout the whole hust.”

A second-year who wished only to be known only as Moses commented: “Of the two late middle aged men in the room, it was clear who the Christ Church JCR viewed as their spiritual leader. Old Man Bridge was, as ever, leading the masses in song, and the dean looked lost and confused in an environment patently unsuitable for a man of his age”

One student at the event, who wished to remain anonymous, said the lively musical debate “somewhat overshadowed the hustings for Sports Rep.”

“The singing was angelic but I was sad  nobody got naked, which is standard practice at Christ Church events.”

At every Christ Church JCR presidential hustings, the candidates are set an arduous challenge. Last year’s challenge was taking pictures of as many other JCR presidents as possible. 

Cahill said she enjoyed her time in the limelight.

“Firstly, Christ Church husts are hilarious and I am glad I went,” she said.

“Secondly, Old Man Bridge got a bottle of wine, while we were packed off without so much as a free cigarette, so I felt decidedly second-rate.”

“But I’m over it,” she added.

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