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1620: Bad news everyone. The game has been called off. A real shame, this could have been a close, exciting match. Still, lets not be too downtrodden, we have seen one excellent match today, with a professional and clinical performance from the Oxford Women. We have had a great time reporting it, and I hope it hasn’t been too hard for you to put up with reading it. See you at Lords. Bye for now from Ben and Jack.

1614: Inspection soon, hold your breaths…

1610: Shout out to the guys in the Oxford Portuguese society, who have tweeted the blog. People are following all over the world. Who’s your favourite Portuguese cricketer? Tweet us @oxstusport with your opinions

1606: Rihanna now, its her classic “We Found Love”. The prospects for this match aren’t in a hopeless place though, as the covers are being removed. It hasn’t rained for a while, but it is still overcast.

1601: Holla. The ducks have gone. A sign the outfield is drying? You tell me.

1559: Cambridge on the other hand are playing football. Let’s hope they’re better at cricket… or not as the case may be. For those of you who are interested the mallards seem to have settled down in silly mid off. Two males and a female. Water is being swept off the pitch like tears off the face of John Terry after they stopped making Nuts.

1553: Waterfowl watch: They’re still there. Oxford fielders are practising with one of those nerf contraptions. California by Phantom Planet is blaring over the PA. A personal request from Athers perhaps?

1542: Fieldy here… not sure if we’re on or not for this one, it’s been raining pretty steadily for a while, but there’ll be an inspection from the umpires at quarter past four so stay tuned for that. The irony of the only ducks on the wicket literally being water fowl is not wasted on me, nor the hoards of cricket fans that have made it down.

1345: 3 required… we’re so close now. It would take a very English collapse to lose it from here… and they run three with a big cut through third man and OXFORD WIN!!! Everyone is crying, this is a time of really intense joy. Atherton must be devastated (comment pending). Let’s hope the men can follow up this with a victory of their own. A really classy batting performance from the dark blues took this out of Cambridge’s hands, just 12.1 overs needed to chase down a score that was never looking very competitive. Assured performances from Stuchfield, Bath and Gough saw us over the line and some quality spin from Kashyap lit up the first innings. Shaking with joy I turn to Ben but he is gone – no doubt streaking across the outfield in a fit of unbridled, unadulterated passion. I wish I could join him, but I’ve got to stay for the men’s. See you at three.

1343: Big dog Michael Atherton has just turned up. he’ll no doubt be distraught to see the Cambridge women on the verge of losing, as an ex-Tab himself. We have fond memories of his matchsaving century against South Africa. Meanwhile, Oxford continue to tick along, requiring only 6 now, its just a hit away!

1340: Driven through the covers, lovely languid stuff from the captain Gough, and she gets three for it. Bath then Drives one through the covers for four. The target is only 11 away now, you can almost smell it, and the crowd are cheering every run.

1335: 19 required now with eight wickets remaining. Apologies for my mistake earlier, we are in fact in the 10th over. Phew.

1330: Huge four pulled through sqaure leg and the Oxford score is ticking along quite nicley… but no sooner do my sturdy, manly fingers tap out those words she is given out LBW! A great showing there from Stuchfield, making a cool 31 off just 24. A matchwinning innings.

1328: A really short delivery there punished by the Oxford batsman, but a dive that would make Luis Suarez blush stops four. Good cricket.

1325: Some great running there from Oxford takes full advantage of the misfield. Into the eleventh over now at 49-1.

1323: This girl finds the gap at square leg and creams the ball over the boundary for a lovely four. Nine off the over brings the Oxford score to 40-1 at the start of the tenth over. 78 required. Are we camping? Because this is intense.

1318: Huge four there, but she’s dropped on the next ball. And another hook for four means this is looking to be an expensive over for the light blues. Some really good fielding though and the damage has been limited to eight off that last over.

1317: Seven off that last over then, including the four. Some really confident batting there – she’s not afraid of a bit of spin.

1315: Four more! A delicate sweep sends the ball racing to the boundary. Don’t bother running.

1313: A tidy over there, with some neat fielding from Cambridge. 15-1

1308: Dropped. No one wants to see that. Well, maybe about half and seeing as it was an Oxford batsman probably most of the people here. And dropped again! More drops than Skrillex’s first album.

1306: Wicket Big appeal… and it’s been given. Lbw and the first wicket has fallen already. 6 off the over plus one wicket and I’m going berserk. This is why I love cricket. The bowler’s style is a little unorthodox but it seems to have done the trick.

1304: Fieldy here to see you through this innings which can only be described as samba stuff as we get underway. A wide to kick off the over and some cagey batting. Who’s excited? Literally tens of people who have made it down. But where are you? Get down here.

1303: The batsmen are out and the fielding team are ready. LET’S PLAY CRICKET.

1259: The story of the innings then, is that Cambridge started brightly, but soon fell away. The openers were the only two to reach double figures, with Webster scoring 1o, and Nikhila Ravi 27. The pick of the figures was Kashyap’s 2 for 10, while Gough was the most economical, conceding only 8 in her four over spell, with two maidens.

1255: Second innings coming up here, with the players starting to re-emerge. Try and come on down if you can.

1250: Wicket This has been a tight final over, although I suppose that’s easier when bowling to the no. 11. Still she is hitting yorker length consistently. The Cambridge innings has petered out after a bright start. They try and run a bye of the last ball, and its farcical, with the batsman left stranded, as Oxford have all the time in the world to whip the bails off. An excellent effort in the field then, and Oxford have to chase 78.

1245: Wicket Great work at Third Man, a quick throw and the keeper whips the bails off. Not even a dive can save the batsman. Cambridge are now 9 down, and will just be hoping to play out the twenty overs.

1241: Wicket Same old story, another Cambridge batsman skys one, and cover settles underneath it. If Oxford can keep Cambridge under 90, that could be the game won. We think the score is 75/8, so they have a good chance of doing that.

1240: A four is edged down to third man. Cambridge will take runs any way they come at this stage. 17 overs gone.

1238: Wicket Slapped back to the bowler, simple as you like. Cambridge are seven down,for somewhere between 70 and 80.

1236: Agonisingly close to a seventh, the ball is skied up, and slips through the hands of point. Can’t be too critical, she made good ground to get there. They are ticking along here. If they get 100 it will be at least something to bowl at.

1231: “All swing, no ding” is the cry from the crowd. A leading edge drops in no-mans land, and there is some cagey running. They run one from a  tuck off the hips, but Cambridge really need boundaries. The score on the scoreboard has dropped significantly, it now says Cam are 65/6, so we are not exactly sure what the score is. More updates when we get them. The rain is picking up, but they’re staying out there for the moment.

1228: Wicket You bet they can. A feigned shy at the stumps brings “ooohs” from the crowd, and its clearly psyched out the bastman, as she spoons one to mid-off next ball. 69/6

1227: Another good over then. Can Oxford run through the tail and leave their batsman with as little work as possible?

1226: Wicket and no sooner had my delicate fingers typed those fateful words, when Wilson scoops one up to square leg, and is caught for a duck. Cambridge are now 69/5, and 110 is looking a long way away.

1225: Wicket a direct hit from cover sees Allison run out for 5. This brings the explosive Wilson to the crease, a hit-or miss batsman apparently.

1225: A word from Helen Webster, who says Cam are aiming for 110 or 120. Scores of schoolchildren have just turned up, hoping to see a close game.

1219: Pulled for four, lovely shot, although its what the ball deserved. A wide slips out, and Oxford need to keep things tight. especially as Cambridge are looking to accelerate now. A push for one behind point, and another wide. the bowler comes back well as the bastman fishes and misses. The score is 59/3 after 12.

1216: More guile from Kashyap, an uppish cut drops short of point, and a thick edge behind is dropped. there are a couple of wides in there as well, but that ends an excellent spell, 2 for not many, we’ll get the exact figures as soon as possible.

1212: At the other end, a reasonable over, with a wide and an LBW shout, costs 5. Kashyap will continue and bowl out now.

1210: It’s Ridhi Kashyap, that bowler, absolutely lovely stuff from her.

1208: Good innings that from Ravi, of 27. Cambridge will be glad to see the back of this bowler, whose name we are trying our best to find out.

1206: Wicket Big, big wicket, as Ravi departs. That was tossed up so high, would have cleared any net. It was full, and edged behind, whence the keeper hung on after a fumble. Cambridge 40/3 with two new batsmen in, and in a bit of trouble.

1205: Allison is the new batsman, but she is up against a bowler in form, mixing up the flight well and and getting some decent flight.

1204: Wicket And it is a wicket now, the pressure clearly told. Neeru Ravi, twin of the batsman at the other end, tried to clear cover, but only ended up spooning it up for an easy catch. Oxford can’t rest on their laurels though, not while Nikhila Ravi is still there. There is an LBW appeal next ball, and that ends a mixed over, but a productive one for Oxford.

1204: A full toss is absolutely hammered away past fine leg, great shot. Nikhila Ravi then picks up a single to the fielder who’s dropped slightly deeper. This only brings the newer batsman to the crease and she’s looked scratchy…

1156: Absolutely lovely flight, great to see in a T20. Another misfield, and is that a drop? Hard to tell from here, may have been a thin edge behind. We’ll have to wait for the slo-mo. A shame about that misfield, spoilt what would have been a lovely maiden.

1154: Despite the misfields, Oxford won’t be too unhappy with this start. Another tight over is squeezed out, and Cambridge are 32/1 after 6.

1151: Wicket Case of the commentator’s curse, as Helen Webster misses a sweep and is castled. There was some better fielding from Oxford in that over, which perhaps increased the pressure leading to a rash shot.

1150: Its a bit overcast by the way, but do come on down.

1147: Ravi is starting to look more comfortable, with a cut through point bearing fruit. The rest of the over though is on the spot, and it only ends up costing 7.

1145: This Helen Webster though, opening for Cambridge, is a treat to watch, with some wonderful driving through cover. Even her shots for no runs look classy. “Uses her bat like a paintbrush” says Jack, and he’s not wrong. 8 off that Moore over, with a bit more sloppy Oxford fielding thrown in.

1143: Apparently a few of the Cambridge women have exams today, great tactical arrangements from Oxford

1140: An excellent second over though, from Gough to Ravi, costing only 1.

1138: Sloppy first over from Oxford, overthrows and misfields meaning it costs 9.

1136: Cambridge have won the toss and elected to bat

1133: Welcome to the OxStu’s live coverage of Varsity T20 in the Parks


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