Bring the house down

House music has increased in popularity in recent years and is particularly big among university students across the country. It differs to other music in the sense that a whole night, in a certain club, will be deemed a ‘house night’, specifically catering for the tastes of the group of people in attendance. In this way it sets itself apart from other genres of music. In most clubs other types of music are all jumbled together; a mix of pop and RnB, for instance, would feature on one playlist. House, on the other hand, demands a night all to itself.

In accordance with this distinction, the clothes people wear to ‘House Nights’ also set them apart. It would be quite acceptable to go to most club nights wearing a pretty dress, shorts and a sparkly top or a cute playsuit; except of course for a house night. House music has a uniform. There is no doubt that if you want to be considered one of the ‘house’ crowd you have got to stick to this uniform exactly. A floral dress is literally house suicide.

This means that the majority of people step into a whole new sphere of fashion when they attend a house night. For some, this will be their style but there are many who simply wear this ‘uniform’ for the night and would never consider putting it on for any other occasion.

So what is the house uniform?

For boys: oversized faux 90s voluminous sport’s-wear, tie-dye t-shirts and patterned shirts.

The boy’s uniform is not so strict.

patterned shirt

For girls: disco pants, metallic leggings, crop tops, beanies and hi tops.

disco pants

You won’t spend ages doing your hair and makeup, giving off the vibe that you have thrown the look together in a few minutes.

Dressing in this style means every single girl will look practically identical but if you chose not to stick to the uniform, you might well find yourself permanently locked out of the house.