Grey’s Anatomy: Heartfelt in so many ways


In perfect Grey’s Anatomy style, thetenth season of the still highly popular American TV series based in Shuttle, begins with huge drama: Heather, Dr. Shepherd’s favourite intern, dies due to being electrocuted while looking for Dr. Webber. The latter is found unconscious on the floor and requires all of his colleagues’ efforts before coming back to life. The whole hospital is dealing with the flooding that marked the end of the ninth season and in the emergency that follows, the “friendship with benefits” between April and Jackson takes an unexpected turn when Jackson decides to deliberately ignore April’s declaration of love.

The rest of the season, however, proceeds on a much lighter tone. We follow the historic characters in a year full of choices, showing how much the protagonists of the show have matured in the last ten years. Both Meredith and Derek and Callie and Arizona are dealing with classical marriage issues: finding the right balance between career and family life, accepting unfaithfulness and compromises to save a relationship that is meant to be the most important in life, dealing with newborns, ground-breaking research and the difficulty of becoming members of the board of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Meanwhile, Alex needs to face the return of his despicable father and the complications that this novelty brings in his relationship with Jo, whereas Christina is forced to deal with a sharp change in her strong friendship with Meredith and in her complicated love affair with Owen, while trying not to be discouraged by work-related issues. Together with April and Jackson, whose tormented love story characterises the main plot of the entire season, Christina is undoubtedly the protagonist of this year’s show. In fact, last year’s announcement of Christina’s exit from the show at the end of the tenth season generated a strong buzz around her character, which forced the writers to put her in the spotlight.

Her final episodes will surely generate some regret in spectators, given the popularity of this workaholic doctor, but for this reason they are not to be missed, especially considering that they will see the return of her first great love: Dr. Burke. Overall the series is agreeable and definitely recommended to serious Grey’s Anatomy fans and people just wanting to spend a relaxing evening watching a mix of drama, comedy and soap opera, that entertains without too much effort on the part of the spectator. The quality of the plot and script is far from that which had characterised the first three years, but compared to some other recent seasons, in which the show had become excessively repetitive and dramatic, the tenth season is definitely worth seeing. Poetic episodes like that of April’s marriage, which opens the second part of the season, might even allow fans to remember at least a little bit the old aura of the series that charmed millions of spectators a decade ago.

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