Hilda’s alumna picks up prestigious prize

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St Hilda’s alumna Katherine Parkinson has won a BAFTA for her performance in the IT Crowd. 

Parkinson played the lovable but slightly clueless Jen Barber in the popular Channel 4 comedy. She matriculated in 1996 to study Classics at the then all-girls college. 

A Hilda’s second-year Classicist said: “I’m absolutely thrilled that we have a BAFTA award-winning alumna at Hilda’s. And to think that Katherine Parkinson studied Classics makes it even better!”

A first year PPEist at Hilda’s said: “This just confirms what everyone in Oxford has known for a while: Hilda’s is by far and away the best college in Oxford.

“Everyone claims that we have unattractive architecture and an inconvenient location. But to them I say: we have the best banter in Oxford.”

In a recent interview, Parkinson was asked: “You studied classics at Oxford. Isn’t that the sort of thing that marks you out as a future prime minister?”

Parkinson responded: “Yes, I did, but that’s a bit misleading, because it’s not very representative of me or my interests. 

“That’s probably why I wanted to do it, to surprise people, which you like doing when you’re 18. The problem is, you then realise that it’s you who suffers by doing that. I wouldn’t say I’m a natural classicist,” she added. 

Parkinson continued: “I wish I’d done English, because anyone who’s done that has this amazing reserve of knowledge about all sorts of literature. I can’t remember anything, because I crammed it all. But obviously that shouldn’t stop me from be coming prime Minister. If only they’d give me a chance”

She added: “I was hell-bent on going to Oxford because of the opportunities it afforded for acting. I did so many plays there – probably more quantity than quality.

 “It was probably because I felt that as long as I was doing a play I wouldn’t have to do any work. I loved it, it was a great time. And if I hadn’t gone there, I don’t think I would have ever gone into acting.” 

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