Dramatis Personae: Lamorna Ash



Company of the moment Rough-Hewn Productions are back this week with a fully devised production of Frankenstein, hot on the heels of what OxStu Stage called the “bizarre, disturbing, humorous, exhilirating” Devised Play One: Fear.

Talking about their unconventional devising technique, director Tommo Fowler claimed that “the content really all comes from the actors…we just handpick the best stuff and put it together”. When they have actors like Christchurch’s Lamorna Ash on board, who needs writers anyway?

After bagging five nominations and three wins (including Best Show and Best Original Writing) with The Twin Paradox, her play for 2013’s drama cuppers, Lamorna was flagged up as a potential candidate for this year’s New Writing Festival.

Sure enough, she delivered with Love Plus, a shocking indictment of modern sexual politics that OxStu Stage thought had a “pervasive, unsettling quality” that made it “Ash’s most impressive achievement”. Most impressive so far, it now seems, as she tries her hand at acting with a “beautiful” turn as Victor’s mother, replacing his father in what Cherwell called “one of the cast’s most major – and best – changes to the original novel”.

Meanwhile, Lamorna waxes lyrical over being able to do something “completely different and mad”, not “the same thing each week”, in rehearsals for Fear. With her interdisciplinary talents, here’s hoping she applies the same philosophy to her theatrical career. 



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