Christ Church intruder strikes in second robbery incident

Students at Christ Church have expressed concerns over security after the college suffered a second theft in as many weeks.

An anonymous man stole a wallet from the library. The thief then walked into a Peckwater set where he was spotted by two Christ Church undergraduates who confronted him. The undergraduates called the porters but the porters failed to apprehend the thief. 

A Christ Church first-year English student witnessed the incident: “I was sitting outside the library when someone ran up to a porter saying he’d found a man in his friend’s room who was apparently “looking for the loo”. The porter ran with the guy in hot pursuit, but he was a porter (i.e., fat and old) so he was pretty slow.”

Second-year PPEist Rosie Thomas, who lives next to the affected set, said: “It’s pretty scary having some unknown person freely enter my next door room, but what’s even more infuriating is that bod card holders can’t even get in to Christ Church. 

“We have to go to the gate to pick up our friends – they shall not pass! – and yet a criminal member of the public can walk straight in in the middle of the day and rob not only the library but also a student’s room. 

“I really hope Christ Church is inspired to be more rigorous about security”, she added. 

The police were called and are now investigating the incident. 

This week’s break-in follows a theft earlier in the term from a Christ Church undergraduate’s room. Following the earlier theft, the college’s Bursar emailed the JCR, saying: “The intruder was within college property for almost an hour without anyone reporting anything unusual.  We all need to be more vigilant in future.”

“I’d like to reassure everyone that incidents such as these are very rare at Christ Church and that we will be doing all that we can to investigate any lapse of security on this particular occasion.”

On that occasion a laptop, iPad, wallet and passport were taken from the room of a third-year finalist. The intruder then was an unidentified 40 year-old male, and was described as a 6 foot 5 white male with a shaved head and a blood soaked bandage around his knee. He was later arrested.

There is no suggestion at this stage that this week’s intruder was the same person.