Wehden elected Union President

Lisa Wehden  has been elected President of the Oxford Union with a margin of 82 votes.

Wehden, a 2nd year at Worcester, beat her rivals Sunny Jain, Queen’s, and Christ Frost, Oriel, in an election held throughout the day yesterday.

Both Jain and Wehden fought on a platform of reforming the Union – with Wehden arguing for “radical reform and modernisation” and Jain supporting a “new beginning and a clean slate”.

Jain received 360 votes compared with Wehden’s 442.

Frost contested the election by establishing in his manifesto that not only had he “lost more elections than any other candidate” but he was also the “strongest candidate (physically)” and “good at going out”. The self-proclaimed “protest” candidate received 125 votes.

The election for Secretary was close with Dom Merchant winning against Annie Teriba by 3 votes, 397 to 394.

Also elected was Charlie Vaughan, St John’s, who defeated Nathan Akehurst, Lincoln, 506 to 324 for Librarian.

NamPhuong Dinh, Corpus Christi, won the position of Treasurer over Ben Allen, St Benet’s Hall, with 469 votes to 323.

Wehden will take up the Presidency in Hilary, 2015 pending any election tribunals that may be submitted before Sunday.

Voter turnout was 300 votes lower than the last election, with only 1035 votes cast for the Presidency. The Treasurer election was also troubled by a printing error meaning that the black ballots were hard to mark clearly.

The election comes after a controversy-marred term for the Union with President Ben Sullivan being arrested for rape and attempted rape and a number of resignations. Sullivan was released on bail without charge.