Jealous much?


An upturned bride lies veiled on a bed, long legs in the air, flanked by the electrofunk duo of David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel. The stylised artwork for this first single from Chromeo’s new album, White Women, is a lighthearted mix of earnest, Roxy-Music-style sleekness and the playful, tongue-in-cheek machismo of a more self-aware Spinal Tap.

Don’t expect any extended hair-metal guitar solos, but this track offers effortless fun, blended with production that merits both chart success and critical plaudits.

Layers of synth seep and sharp basslines are slapped over the initial chords before Macklovitch sets the mood, singing ‘I got strung up from our loving. I wish you cared to see’.

This is pop music, and never has wallowing in self-pity been quite so danceable. Where Daft Punk’s summer hit, ‘Get Lucky’, was a rallying call for gormless hedonism, Chromeo have created an equally infectious song set in the aftermath of this pleasure-seeking, as insecurity begins to creep in.

So, don your Ray-Bans, look longingly from a distance, and let this song be the soundtrack to a delightful summer of lust and heartbreak.