Jamie Who?


He’s back. After years of speculation, the mystery man has finally announced his return. It’s been four years since Jamie T has played any shows but today he posted a handwritten note on his website stating that “I have decided it might be time to play a few shows”.

In case you have all forgotten, The Oxford Student has decided to remind you why we were all so sad that Jamie disappeared in the first place by picking three of our favourites.

1. Sticks and Stones

The ultimate song of summer from way back in 2009. Classic Jamie T featuring a tale of reminiscence down a train line, taking in relationship break ups, drugs, and going to the toilet at ‘your mum’s flat’. It’s still impressive to know all the words to the rap. Well I think it is anyway.

2. Sheila

A classic tale of the highs and lows of nights out in London, in this case very serious lows as the eponymous Sheila gets drunk and drowns in the River Thames. The introduction features a screamed ‘LAAAANDAAAN’ before featuring excerpts from John Betjeman’s poem ‘The Cockney Amorist’. Jamie T is more than just a pretty face, he’s got some intellect about him as well.

3. St Christopher


This was the b-side for the Sticks and Stones EP and as a result got little to no attention from anyone. However, the quietly plucked guitar part mixed with actual singing from Jamie T carefully shows how there’s more to him as a songwriter than just writing festival tunes.

Tickets for Jamie T’s shows go on sale tomorrow morning. Dates and locations of the shows can be found on his website.


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