The quadrivium collection : interview with the rising British designer Sang Yoon

Sang Yoon is a Korean-born, British-bred designer, freshly graduated from Central Saint Martins. His latest collection is beautifully impressive, featuring a particular attention to detail, with recurring cylindrical arm guards contrasting with dramatic and billowing skirts, all creating a both geometric and futuristic feel.

Already noticed by The Business of Fashion as one of fashion’s rising talents, Sang Yoon has kindly agreed to discuss his collection.

 Sang Yoon1

OxStu Fashion: I think it’s really interesting and innovative that part of your inspiration is drawn from a mathematical/science source, the quadrivium. There is always a lot of mentioning of the overlapping between fashion and the fine arts, but hardly ever between fashion and maths/science. Do you think you can explain why numbers captivate you and how you drew from that fascination to create your collection? Do you think you were particularly inspired by one of the four liberal arts of the quadrivium, or were they all equally important for you?

Sang Yoon: The fascination with numbers and geometry came from my childhood. I am obsessed with the idea of numbers and geometry that carry the symbolic meaning of protection, and when I was a kid I used to draw on the floor a perfect circle and a star. I used to then stand in the middle, and I felt protected against evil. That was my childhood obsession. My philosophy for my clothes is to bring women “protection”. I want women to feel secure and confident when they wear my garments. That is very important for me. 


OF: Did any specific designers influence you as well? You mention Lauren Bacall as your muse. Do you have any other icons/muses?

SY: I like women with a strong personality and a strong charisma, so Lauren Bacall is the perfect muse for me. I don’t really get any inspiration from designers but I do admire the works of Madame Grès.

OF: Do you already have any plans/ideas for future collections? If so, will you draw from the same sources of inspiration? 

 SY: I will be moving on to do Master degree here at Central Saint Martins. I always have a vision for the next collection. I’m hoping to develop/define what I have into another level with the right vision for a balance. This “Quadrivium” Collection is the first chapter of my journey.