Merton retakes Norrington top spot

Merton has reestablished its reputation as Oxford’s brainiest college by taking the top spot in this year’s Norrington Table. St John’s moved into second up from third last year and Worcester jumped eight places from 11th to third. New, last year’s table toppers, were demoted to fourth.

At the bottom of the table Somerville, Teddy Hall and Queen’s came 27th, 28h and 29th respectively and Pembroke dropped a shocking 17 places to rock bottom 30th.

Other big moves included Trinity’s drop from second to 11th and Wadham’s jump from 19th to fifth.

One Pembrokian told the OxStu: “Last year, when we jumped 15 places, I assumed we were permanently headed for the big leagues but those dreams have been brutally crushed.

“Next year, there’s always next year,” she added wistfully.

The Norrington Table was created in 1962 and ranks colleges by finals results. It awards five points for a first-class degree, three for a 2:1, two for a 2:2 and one for a third. The percentage score is then reached by dividing the college’s actual score by its total possible score (i.e. number of finalists multiplied by five).

Even the University, however, warns that the Norrington Table can’t be fully trusted: “Since the numbers of degrees awarded per college are small, the rankings should be treated with caution.”

College Score     Rank
Merton 74.70%     1
St John’s 74.56%     2
Worcester 73.98%     3
New 73.96%     4
Wadham 73.79%     5
Jesus 73.76%     6
Hertford 73.33%     7
Harris Manchester 72.59%     8
Magdalen 72.18%     9
Lincoln 72.13%    10
Trinity 71.94%    11
St Catherine’s 71.73%    12
St Anne’s 71.58%    13
Corpus Christi 71.52%    14
Exeter 71.29%    15
Christ Church 71.11%    16
St Hugh’s 70.99%    17
Keble 70.53%    18
Brasenose 70.09%    19
Balliol 70.09%    20
St Hilda’s 69.75%    21
St Peter’s 69.48%    22
Oriel 69.02%    23
University 68.85%    24
Mansfield 68.47%    25
Lady Margaret Hall 68.32%    26
Somerville 68.22%    27
St Edmund Hall 68.13%    28
Queen’s 68.00%    29
Pembroke 63.14%    30