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Sitting back in your home town watching repeats of Premier League Years, longing for your first encounter with the venerable institution that is Parkend and doing your utmost to put off your holiday reading by staring at a news feed constantly clogged up with obligatory “loving uni life #freshers2k14 #lashlashlash” statuses, the Oxstu Sport section may just have the cure for your pre-uni holiday blues.

We’re looking for people willing to either report on university sport or analyse national sporting news. Articles can literally be about anything you want, and we accept them on an ad-hoc basis so there’s no pressure to write something for us every single week if you don’t want to. Having said that, we put our regular contributors on a pedestal alongside Jordan Henderson’s work rate and Hassan’s kebab van so the opportunity is there to get involved as much as you like. Ideally, we’re looking for articles that offer incisive and detailed analysis on some of the interesting or controversial issues of the day, but we equally encourage and enjoy satirical pieces. For a general rule on the latter, if they aren’t bordering on libellous, they probably aren’t satirical enough! Articles on all sports are equally well-received, so don’t be put off if you’re knowledge is relating to a more niche sport as we welcome the diversity.

Examples of articles that were particularly successful last year:

– analysis of Southampton’s transfer policy

– discussion of the implications of the appointment of Helena Costa on football

– satirical series on seven heroes and villains of the World Cup

– comment on Alistair Cook’s changeable performance as England captain

Ideas for holiday articles:

– Reaction to the Ryder Cup

– Discussion of whether the dominance of the ‘Big Four’ in tennis is on the wane

– Critique of Louis van Gaal’s transfer policy

– Coverage of the ‘Rainbow Laces’ campaign

– Or surprise us with satire!

Until term begins, we’re looking for submissions that will be published on our website, and we can literally publish an unlimited number on here so if you write something for us, it definitely won’t go to waste (unlike flair players under Roy Hodgson). Once you arrive in Oxford we’ll be taking submissions for the written edition of the paper, but once again any articles that don’t go in there will certainly be put on the website.

Writing for the OxStu Sport is something myself and the other members of the current writing team have had a lot of fun doing, and it gives you a great chance to gain a huge amount of exposure for your sporting opinions. It would be great if you want to write us an article or two before you come up to Oxford, and I’d definitely encourage you to get involved once you’re here.

People who share a hatred of either Tim Sherwood or John Terry will be looked upon favourably, those of you intending to take up rowing on your arrival in Oxford need not apply.

Please send all submissions to [email protected] and contact us if you’ve got any questions about getting involved.


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