Dubai Daily – Day 13


Shirt, ASOS; Leather shorts, ASOS; Necklace, Anthropologie; Stain, Elizabeth David.

You may note from my expression that I look a little concerned. You may also notice a dark mark on my otherwise pristine white shirt. This is courtesy of my recent culinary adventures – or, to put it in other words, because I was stuffing my face with chocolate cake. Said chocolate cake was the finale to an otherwise accident-free lunch party, involving French fare, lots of wine and a great group of people. (Plus screaming babies, but that is beside the point). One peculiar thing I have found about Dubai is that no one seems to be able to make a social engagement last fewer than about five hours, which suits me perfectly. Tipsy and talkative is a look I wear well at the best of times, and given free rein, I am pretty sure by the end of this month I will have become a bonafide lady who lunches. All that’s missing is the Chanel suit.


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