Dubai Daily – Day 14


Top, Adidas by Stella McCartney; Trousers, H&M; Shoes, Monki; Sunglasses, Vintage.

Ah, that’s better. Here we are again at the office, with the flattering lighting and photography skills of my “willing” colleagues. And while there is nothing wrong with giving a fashionable nod to your icons, I appear to be taking ‘style reference’ to the extreme and channeling everyone’s favourite ice queen by wearing my shades indoors. This is all well and good, but sunglasses inside usually indicate one of three things – that you are a) hungover, b) incredibly self-important or c) a spy in a movie from the 1960s. Since I was neither wearing a trench coat nor surrounded by paparazzi, I just looked a little ridiculous. Plus, it really was quite hard to see. Perhaps I ought to try fingerless gloves next.

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