Dubai Daily – Day 16


Shirt, ASOS; Dress, Agnes B; Shoes, ASOS; Bag, ASOS.

Amidst the madness that is closing no less than three issues in one week (Grazia, Grazia Luxury and Grazia Bahrain, for those that are interested), it was something of a relief to escape from the office for a bit to attend the launch event for New Look’s A/W collection. You can imagine my excitement at the sight of the black shiny goodie bags piled high by the door as we arrived… only to be told that there were no cocktails. I repeat, no cocktails. How on earth could they expect me to say nice things about their clothing without a teeny tiny umbrella to hand? I mean, the teeny tiny cheesecakes were delicious, but don’t they know it’s not a fashion party without ridiculously elaborate and unpronounceable drinks?


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