Dubai Daily – Day 23


In an effort not to appear entirely self-obsessed, today I am featuring the creative talents of someone else for a change. Check out this hypnotic and slightly trippy work of art by… Actually, I have no idea who it is by. I just thought my outfit would look good in front of it. The beginning of my day was spent doing mind-numbing transcribing, punctuated only by the usual arrival of cakes around lunchtime, served in that new darling of the culinary world – beloved by hipster foodies and Pinterest boards everywhere – a jar. However, when five o’clock rolled around, there was a communal nod from the other fashion and editorial girls, a nod that said: “To hell with heel heights and hemlines, let’s get our drink on in the name of style!” and we were out of our flats and out of the door before you can say ‘free cocktails’. And so, drink in hand and laden with press packs, I spent my evening assessing the new offerings for Fall at various media events. My big takeaway? Photo booths and Christmas-themed accessories are big this season.

Shirt, Zara; Skirt, Cos; Shoes, Monki; Bag, ASOS; Necklace, & Other Stories.

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