Dubai Daily – Day 24

So at last we come to my final day, and in honour of the occasion I decided to crank the culotte count up to four. Yes, my ankles have decided to come out for one last hurrah before they are relegated to the socks and boots of the British winter (my knees are already resigned to their fate). Clad in my favourite crops, I was doing my best, as ever, to look like a walking ASOS advert, when the Grazia team presented me with a goodbye card and a gift voucher. For ASOS. I almost shed a tear. And so I spent my final few hours at work subtly online shopping, concealed by the fort-like structure I had constructed on my desk of back issues. All of this means, of course, that we come to the end of our time together, too. It’s been a fun, rather one-sided relationship if you ask me, but it’s time to say goodbye (don’t sing, Jennie, don’t sing). And now that I am all wisdomous, I will leave you with some important things I have learnt working in the fashion world: a) heels are most definitely not obligatory, b) there may be no such thing as a free meal, but there is such a thing as a free cocktail, and c) a fashion girl will do absolutely anything for a cupcake. See you next term!

Jumper, French Connection; Culottes, ASOS; Shoes, ASOS; Bag and sunglasses, Vintage; Watch, Guess.