Christ Church abandons trial by combat for resolving disputes

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Christ Church JCR has overturned a motion that allowed JCR members to settle disputes in trial by combat.

The motion referred to a rule that “was passed by the JCR last Trinity legitimising trial by combat as a method to settle disputes between members and mandating the JCR to purchase mats and pay for the someone, supposedly the JCR President, to get an MMA refereeing qualification.”

The JCR noted:

“Many members have expressed how ‘stupid’ a motion they think this is, including its proposer, Adam Knox, who called it a “frankly ridiculous ruling”.

“To become an MMA referee you need to have training in Martial Arts.

“Louise Revell, the JCR president, does not have training in martial arts therefore cannot train as an MMA referee.

“Louise Revell, the JCR president, will not be able to reach an acceptable standard in any martial art during her term of office, or most likely during the rest of her time at Christ church, to qualify to train as an MMA referee.”

The motion further criticised the cost of purchasing martial arts equipment and training JCR President Revell in martial arts.

The repeal motion passed 46 for, eight against, but several Christ Church students responded to the repeal with alarm. A former JCR President commented: “Trial by combat has been an institution of Christ Church for many generations.

“It is political correctness gone mad that we are reduced to settling our differences through petty democracy rather than by beating the hell out of each other.”

An anonymous fourth-year expressed disappointment with the motion’s repeal, stating; “the GM meeting will now have an even lower turnout than usual, stripped of their only potential for excitement, prompting the JCR committee to randomly irritate college members to ensure a modicum of turnout. It is a very poor idea.”


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