Rowdy night at Camera

Police were called to popular nightclub Camera last week after a ‘brawl’ broke out among several students. At least four police officers spent approximately half an hour questioning students in relation to the event, but it is understood that no arrests were made and no charges are to be pressed.

One student, who was questioned by police and has a visible facial injury described the start of the brawl as follows; “I was walking along and slipped slightly and ended up spilling my drink on some guy. I turned around to apologize, and next thing I know he whacks me hard in the face. My friends stepped up for me and it turned into a bit of a brawl. The police were called to break it up.”

One student at Christ Church commented; “it is very disappointing that this kind of violence can still occur during student nights, even in Oxford. After the reports of violence from bouncers at Park End that occurred last week, it seems that it is not just bouncers who are contributing to a culture of aggression; students have to look themselves in the mirror as well.”

The incident follows a fight outside Magdalen fresher accommodation where one student was left with a head wound that required medical attention at the John Radcliffe’s A&E room. A witness told the OxStu: “There was an altercation with some townies. I’m not sure who started it but it turned unpleasant very quickly. I’m just glad that everyone was fine in the end. We like to think of Oxford as a safe environment but late at night, when people have had something to drink, reality can puncture this bubble quite violently.”