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“Oh no! I’ve just cracked an egg on the old master that was casually on my kitchen counter, that so wasn’t a frying pan!”

This is how I like to imagine the internal monologue of self-professed “penniless photographer” Zeren Badar as he created his ‘Very First Accident’ in the ‘Accident Series’. However, the consciously constructed nature of its composition may suggest other wise.

stars/Zeren Badar

Tongue wryly in cheek, “penniless photographer” Zeren Badar ‘accidentally’ layers found objects (cereal, fridge magnets, rubber bands) on top of cheap reprints of older, often classic, paintings to create temporary Duchampian readymades. The juxtaposition of these seemingly incompatible materials produces fun works that question how we value the art work we see, how we see the genre of still life and how the creative capacity of our breakfast could be embraced if only we were to slip by a DaVinci.

“It is like 99 cents store meets with Mona Lisa.”

The accidents themselves aren’t what we as viewers interact with, rather we are given photographic evidence of the action. Zeren toys with the saturation, contrast and shadows in these photographs to make them feel hyper-real.

“I destroy my ready-mades at the end unlike Duchamp because my final artwork is a photograph. It is very conceptual work. I’m the owner of the final work naturally.”

one happy blue pill
one happy blue pill/Zeren Badar

Zeren’s use of cheap commonplace objects as the dominant aspects of his images elevates the everyday to being gallery worthy without every feeling like he’s devaluing the print he’s defaced.  The playful aspect to his work is both rebellious, fighting the good fight Duchamp & Co. began, and rejuvenating, in the sense that it seems to hark back to the creative confidence of a child making art.

“But even if I had incredible budget of Jeff Koons, I would keep the childlike look of my artworks. I think that is my niche.

Actually! Even daydreaming about these feels so good….”

You can see more of Zeren’s work on his website, tumblr, instagram or facebook. Or, you could treat yourself to some of his words as well, and read our interview with him here.


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