Merton surpasses fundraising targets for academic year

Merton College has announced that it has met its £30 million fundraising goal ahead of the end-of-year deadline.  The “Sustaining Excellence” campaign, which celebrates the 750th anniversary of the College, was run over seven years and aimed to raise funds for the tutorial system, student financial support and preserving Merton’s buildings.

Of the £30 million, half is being invested in the tutorial system, £8 million is being earmarked for scholarships and student support funds, while £7 million will be used in the protection and development of the College’s historic buildings.

However, numerous projects, such as the Law Fellowship, the College’s boathouse and the undergraduate support fund, still need to meet their fundraising targets. Despite this, Merton’s Warden is hopeful that these projects will hit their funding goals, promising that Merton “will continue to strive to ensure that future generations of Mertonians benefit from the same resources which were there for Mertonians down the ages”.

Merton students also seemed pleased with the results. Daniel Schwennicke, Merton’s JCR President, praised the college for being “very willing to receive input on its projects from the JCR” and that the Sustaining Excellence campaign was “largely beneficial to the college and its students”.

A finalist at Merton also added that “for any College to raise £30 million in seven years is an achievement, especially from a historically smaller College like Merton,” arguing “the objectives of the campaign are those which should put the College in a strong position for the foreseeable future.”

The Warden of Merton identified the success of the campaign as a result of a “shared Merton commitment to our core values” that meant over half of Merton alumni donated to the Sustaining Excellence campaign, which was launched publicly in 2011.