Launch of Versa outrages student activists

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Versa, a new Oxford online publication launched by former student journalists, has already attracted controversy.
The publication, which has been prepared secretly throughout this term, launched on Monday of 6th week. The name is believed to be a play on the title of the pre-existing publication Vice which senior editorial staff have cited as an inspiration for the site.
Student activists have criticized the publication, stating that Versa’s commitment to free speech goes “too far”. Members of feminist discussion space Cuntry Living attacked the publication, with posters commenting “meet Oxford’s new Daily Mail”, “very funny. I cracked a heteronormative rib laughing.” and “you know it’s good journalism when people are too ashamed to put bylines”. The activists suggested using to deny Versa any advantage in search engine listings.
However, the publication’s founders, Ruth Maclean, Nick Toner and Amelia Hamer, told the OxStu: “We’re really delighted that the OxStu is offering Versa this opportunity for free publicity. We also appreciate the exposure offered by everybody else who has kindly offered their views on our new publication. It is to you all that we owe our 18,000 views in the first 24 hours.
We are finally elated to be free of the bureaucratic shackles of OUSU (except for Theo, whom we still love dearly). We welcome free speech and debate, and we encourage everyone to engage with our amazing content.” The editors signed their comment with “ xoxo two girls and a gay”.
One second-year PPEist told the OxStu: “I don’t know about whether they’ve taken their commitment to free speech too far. All I care about is the travesty of me being left off the list of Oxford’s most eligible bachelors. That must be defamatory!”


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