Magdalen students trash wreath

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Magdalen students have been reprimanded by their JCR President for trashing areas of the college after a bop, including a remembrance wreath.
In his email, JCR President Fabian Apel wrote: “The Deans of Arts and the Home Bursar have notified me that there were significant disturbances to College life in the night from Saturday to Sunday”.
Apel explained “the newly-replanted border outside the Gothics (next to the OKB) was trashed and the Remembrance Day wreath found in a state”, further commenting that “staff put a lot of work into keeping the grounds in a good state and that your trashing them is deeply disrespectful. There is no need for me to reiterate the same about the Remembrance Day wreath.”
The JCR President also stated that “The Deans have asked me to supply further information about these incidents”, but reassured members that “As is JCR policy, I would not pass on any names were I aware of them. However, if you wish to take responsibility for any of these incidents and apologise, do contact the Deans. Please believe me that this is one of the many emails I would much prefer not to have to write.”
Some students were angered by their fellow Magdalenites’ actions. Tom Shore told the OxStu: “I’d like to say to whoever the vandal may be: karma is coming for you”.
However, one Magdalen second year commented: “Obviously, damaging a Remembrance wreath is unacceptable but I think it’s important to understand the context. It was after bop, everyone was drunk and I’m sure that the damage was just an inebriated accident”.
The incident comes after the Deans threatened to close Magdalen JCR’s Games Room because no one took responsibility for a small fire started by a tennis bat being left on a lamp.


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