Drinkin’ Lincoln’s “excessive” boozing causes “serious disruption”

Lincoln College has threatened to cancel its end-of-term bop due to the excessive drinking and misbehaviour of students.

In an email sent out to all members of the JCR, Lincoln’s Senior Dean, Maria Stamatopoulou, stated that the College had held a meeting on the subject of student drinking and concluded that “the levels this year have been unacceptable and have caused serious disruption in the smooth running of the college”. Dr Stamatopoulou acknowledged that “drinking is a part of student life”, but nevertheless maintained that this term’s levels have been “excessive”, noting that “the porters, bar staff, deans, chaplain, emergency services and housekeeping staff have experienced a considerable burden due to drink-related serious misbehaviour”.

The remainder of the message stated: “This trend cannot continue as it is unsociable and inconsiderate of others and disrupts the collegiate atmosphere that we are used to. Everyone needs to take collective responsibility about this issue. If there are further cases of serious drinking by junior members, we are afraid that we will have no choice but to cancel the end-of-term Bop as a first step towards addressing this problem.”

Stamatopoulou also stressed that disciplinary action would not be limited to cancellation of the bop if the excessive levels of drinking continued, writing: “We would also like to remind everyone that the college reserves the right to use disciplinary procedures against those members of our community who repeatedly behave in a manner that constitutes misbehaviour according to the college by-laws, as detailed in the student handbook. A result of such disciplinary procedure can include exclusion from college services, including accommodation.”

In response to the threatened bop cancellation, the Lincoln JCR President Mark Williams stated: “There have been many concerns by college staff and fellows this term about excessive drinking by a small minority of students. Naturally, this is an emotive topic that people have strong feelings about and I am working with college and the JCR to find a mutually satisfactory solution.”

Williams sent round an email calling an emergency JCR meeting: “As you saw in the email from the Senior Dean yesterday, college is very concerned about alcohol. Their response to this has implications for every member of the JCR. I think it would be useful for all of us to meet so I can explain what conversations I have had with college and what is likely to happen. I would also like to answer any questions people have. With this in mind, I would like to call an emergency meeting of the JCR this Sunday at 8.30 pm.”

Concerning the Senior Dean’s statement, one Lincoln second year commented: “Aside from a few conspicuous incidents, I haven’t noticed a huge increase in drinking compared to this time last year. That being said, though, I can understand the concern, especially if, as Dr Stamatopoulou said, the emergency services have had to be involved. I’d be very surprised if they actually cancelled the bop though. I expect everyone will just tone it down for a little while until then.”