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Doughnut chain Krispy Kreme has announced it will be opening a store in the Clarendon Centre this December.

The chain previously ran a store from the Oxford Castle, but this operation closed in late 2012. At the time, the company stated that it was looking for a new location.

Krispy Kreme’s website has announced details of the opening. Doughnuts and other  refreshments will be available from 10am on 10th December, in an attempt to target students and interview candidates.

The company attempted to increase its public presence in Oxford in anticipation of the launch by hosting events in the Clarendon Centre and elsewhere, providing free selections of doughnuts. In an attempt to target the student population, free doughnuts were delivered to several colleges, including Exeter and Brasenose.

One fresher at Exeter expressed his “delight” that Krispy Kreme “will revitalise what was looked to be an increasingly tiring year”. He added: “Thank God for Krispy Kreme […] now I will always be on the look out for free doughnuts for fear of missing out.”

When asked about the threat of competition, an employee of Cornish Kitchen which occupies the neighbouring unit in the Clarendon Centre, commented: “Even when Millie’s was next door, we weren’t really in competition with them. We sell savoury and they sell sweet, so actually we tried to help each other and work together.”

A waiter at G&D’s Café on St Aldates told the OxStu that “as a man with a very sweet tooth, you can never have too much sugar in Oxford”.

Other students were less pleased with the announcement.

A fresher at Merton, Nan Hart, declared: “They are unnaturally round – the perfection of the circle is misleading, and makes it seem as though they are perfect food when they clearly aren’t.”

A fourth-year student at Christ Church criticised the move on health grounds, stating “the culture of junk food consumption among students is a coming public health disaster”. The student added: “Students should attempt to snack only on lean chicken when they are having an essay crisis.”


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