Popular pizza vendors pass off turkey as pepperoni

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Express Pizza’s pepperoni topping fails to bring home the bacon, as pizza lovers are “deceived” by turkey substitutes.

The fast food outlet, whose branches in Cowley and Gloucester Green have received food hygiene ratings of one and two out of five respectively, passes off highly convincing turkey replications as ham, bacon and pepperoni.

Although stated in small print on the chain’s menu and website, this fact has remained unknown to many students until now.

Upon learning that the pepperoni was, in fact, turkey, a fourth-year chemistry student, who wishes to remain anonymous, commented: “I feel totally deceived by Express Pizza. It was such a shock to find out about this madness. To be honest though, I would still go there. There is nowhere better for late night food.”

The admission can be found at the bottom of Express Pizza’s website, in a statement that reads: “We’re committed to using only authentic, superior-quality halal meats on our pizzas. Our bacon is sourced from halal turkey to give you 100% assurance.”

Although some felt betrayed, other students already had low expectations for the pizza company flagged up by the Food Standards Agency as requiring “major improvements”.

Izzy Garratt, a first-year student at St Peter’s and regular customer, stated that turkey is a “step up from horse”.

Meanwhile, other students have embraced the realisation.

James Lavin, also a St Peter’s first-year student, said: “I’m pleased. Turkey’s much better for you than pork actually. A much leaner meat. Probably pumped full of carcinogens to make it taste like pepperoni, but I’m doing that myself so can’t really complain.”

When asked to comment on the matter, Express Pizza employees at both branches simply asked whether The Oxford Student was going to order a pizza.


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