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It appears that being an international grime artist doesn’t exempt you from the rules as far as Wadham porters are concerned.

London-based musician Big Narstie, who has worked with artists such as Ed Sheeran, N-Dubz, and Professor Green, delighted Wadham students by attending a house party in their College on Friday Night.

Big Narstie appeared as a guest artist at a Cellar grime night, and accepted the offer from several Wadham students of a “tour of Oxford”, which led back to an after-party, which Wadham student Lea Kambskaro-Bennett Sayago noted “will go down in Wadham history”.

The evening consisted of such varied events as Big Narstie and his friends dancing in a Wadhamite’s room, discussion of politics, and the famous musician being told by an angry porter to get off the grass in the quad.

Wadham fresher Ella Adjei spoke of the excitement in college: “I came back from Plush at about 2am and saw two friends coming back into college from Cowley, and they explained that Narstie was in Wadham having an afterparty. He stayed until about four or half past.”

The evening was documented and broadcast to Big Narstie’s 36,000 followers on Instagram in a series of videos, uploaded in the early hours of Saturday morning.

In one clip, Big Narstie jokes: “Hey Mamma, I made it, I’m at Oxford University!”

Later videos show students in a tightly-packed Wadham room with the artist’s voice in the background saying: “Ay ay Oxford University! We’re in the dorms now”, as well as clips of him smoking and wearing a mortar board.

Adjei contiued: “He kept freestyling at various points but saying the same thing over and over including “I’m big like a branch not a twig”.

Kambskaro-Bennett Sayago was also present at the event. She commented: “To be honest, I don’t think he managed to string many sentences together at all; mostly just a few remarks and random words […] He also enjoyed complimenting female Wadhamites and nearly won me over with his thoughtful ‘I like your tights.'”

In another Instagram video he names a female undergraduate “rainbow tits” in reference to her colourful top.

Big Narstie’s impromptu visit seems to have made a lasting impact on students. Sayago concluded: “It’s not every day your friends from back home spot you on a grime artist’s Instagram.”


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