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The Revue’s Audreys are back this term. The comedy nights run by the Oxford Revue are going to take place on Tuesday of 1st, 4th and 8th week at the Old Fire Station. Barney Fishwick (one of the presidents) and Dan, the producer of the Audreys, tell us the committee are looking for people to take part in each of them.

From chatting to the committee members, the mysteriously named ‘Audrey’ comedy nights (no-one seems to know why they’re called that) sound incredibly diverse. The nights encompass stand up, sketch shows and anything inbetween. Pieces range from 4 to 10 minutes long and can be on anything you like; “we just look for something that makes people laugh,” says Barney. As the Revue scouts out some of their members from the Audreys, this could be your perfect way into the Oxford comedy scene.

The committee are holding auditions before each of the nights so keep an eye on their facebook page for details if you’re interested. Many members of the revue came through the Audreys and the two comedians advise those considering auditioning to “just set yourself a deadline and write some material to perform.”

Another tip is to go along and get inspiration from the other performers and comedians which might help you write your own piece and reflect on what works well in comedy. At the Audreys themselves you can always chat to people afterwards and ask them about their experience to see if it would be something for you to try yourself.

Having been through the audition process the current president talks about his first Audrey. He says he stood in the background playing the maracas whilst his friend played the guitar adding that it “felt like I was in some weird brothel” so it sounds like you really can start with anything that takes your fancy material-wise. You certainly shouldn’t be afraid to put something a bit more unusual out there.

This term the Audreys have a new venue in the Old Fire station on George Street which Dan says will be less daunting for first-timers. “There will be a run-through beforehand and the process will be much more collaborative and supportive.” As the new venue has a proper small theatre the whole thing seems like a step up from those open mic nights in college bars to something a little bit more professional.

Having said that, they say very few people have any experience before their first Audrey so it’s a good way to try out your skills as a comedian and see if you might like to take it a little more seriously. They emphasize the fact that you shouldn’t get disheartened and should keep auditioning for the Audreys and trying out new things if it’s something you want to get into.

The shows are a way to gain experience doing comedy and in their own words the Revue aren’t “setting the bar too high and are aiming to encourage people to perform.”

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