Fake it to make it


Faux fur has exploded onto the fashion scene and it’s making us wonder why the real deal was ever preferable. In the past few months, it has been almost impossible to avoid the sheer range of faux fur products in all areas of the fashion industry. From a faux fur reimagining of the classic mink coat to luminous fluffy skirts, this winter and early spring is set to be the season of ethical softness.

In an era where you cannot scroll through Facebook or Twitter without seeing horrific videos of animals being skinned alive, a large portion of the fashion industry seems to have taken the requests of the public to heart, giving 90s babies like me the widest array of faux fur goods they’ve seen to date. The change from real to fake indisputably reflects a growing consideration for animal rights: the cruelty of the fur industry is increasingly being set aside. But this trend is not solely fighting for animal rights, it’s battling against armies of monochrome dullness, rooting for funner clothing in the fashion industry. And the sartorial quest for fuzz is not a limited one – from earrings to handbags, coats to jumpers, the world is your furry oyster.

My Achilles’ heel being just about anything cuddly and bright, I bring you a list of the best retailers to supply your furry fix:


  1. Rokit

Whatever floats your boat fluff-wise, Rokit has it. From an enormous collection of faux fur jackets, coats and gilets to the Rokit Recycled faux fur backpacks, skirts, bags and jumpers; this vintage giant has it covered. As far as I can see, their Rokit Recycled faux fur collection is unrivalled, with cropped furry jumpers ranging from black to bolder multi-coloured ones. If you are feeling particularly garish, you could even pair your fluffy top half with one of their faux fur colourful skirts. For the best selection, go to Rokit at 107 Brick Lane – it’s fluffy heaven in there.


  1. Tunnel Vision

This American site is my new favourite for many reasons, and it does not disappoint on the fur front. The description of the style is ‘Grunge clothes, hippie clothes, and general weirdo clothes! Tie Dye, Patched, Fringe, Holographic, Lace-Up, Bell Bottom, Bad Vibes — we got it all’, so essentially everything to make you jump up and down shouting ‘HOLLA!’ With an enormous range of clothes from vintage to new, their collection is saturated with faux fur, but nothing surpasses their fluffy halter-tops.


  1. Glitters For Dinner

This Bangkok based retailer is perfect for fans of Clueless, Heathers and The Spice Girls. Their Faux Fur section allows for a truly furry look, or a hint of softness, with two-piece sets in multiple colours including pink, purple and blue. My favourite has to be their glitter skirt with a white faux fur hem. Think Baby Spice meets Cher.

  1. Isolated Heroes

Isolated Heroes is a Scottish brand that is making waves, having been named Best Scottish Independent Online Retailer 2014. If sequins, mesh and faux fur get you going then you need to check their collection out – they have some of the most awesome clothes I have seen in a hell of a long time. Their multi-coloured fuzzy coat may actually win the prestigious award of the most exciting coat that I have ever seen.