4 Jewellery trends


Like all else in fashion, jewellery trends shift quickly. As an “accessory,” jewellery is, by definition, inessential. It’s easy to get by and look classy in a pair of studs and a leather watch.

For those of us who aren’t disposed to frequent accessory purchases, Spring 2015 looks promising. Save your funds and play around with the pieces you already own; if you’re willing to invest, try a bold choker or an intricate pendant necklace. Better yet, go hunting in your mum (or granny’s) treasure box for vintage ornaments that once were — and are now back — in vogue.

1) Chokers: the basic black choker has been back for a while, but consider elegant metal or colorful beaded options for a more regal, less 90s-teen alternative.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.24.28

2) Mismatched: Purchasing a pair of intentionally mismatched earrings would just be silly (see Augustine’s ‘Ode to try hards’ article from last week). Find a bold drop earring (brass has made several appearances on spring runways) and pair with a simpler jewel or geometric stud.

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3) Dangle: Here’s an 80s trend that you could definitely steal from your mum’s collection. For nights out, put on a pair of metallic line drops for old Hollywood glam, bright baubles for retro fun, or fringe trinkets to go along with your bell bottoms, suede, and flower power sundresses this spring.

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4) Minimalist pendants: ideal for day and night. You can pair a long delicate pendant necklace with anything from anything from woolly sweaters to silky dress tops.

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5) Rock out: this might be easier to find at grandma’s. Romantic bejeweled drop earrings and chunky, single gem studs add a flash of sparkle to your winter ball ensemble.

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photos: Polyvore