Review: Broad Street Dancers – ‘Dynamica’ Delights


It isn’t often when you can feast your eyes on a dance performance that offers such a huge range of styles from tap to ballet to burlesque, and music from multiple genres including jazz, pop, hip hop, and disco. Yet, all of these elements are beautifully interwoven in the Broad Street Dancers’ upcoming performance of Dynamica.

Ed Addison, president of BSD, really shines on stage. Whether dancing in clogs, sneakers, or high heel shoes, he moves with grace and style that impresses even those who are unacquainted with the nuances of performing arts.

Charlotte Burton, BSD treasurer, and the entire dance troupe are also very addicting to watch. Not only do they have a spectacular array of costumes but they also have a finely tuned choreography that will keep audiences spellbound. Their eclectic repertoire is as mesmerizing as it is thrilling to watch.

Part of the attraction of Dynamica is its unpredictability. Each routine builds upon the previous performance in a medley of inspiration that is stridently bold and full of energy. Experimental at times, the show pushes the boundaries of expectations and delivers very satisfying results. Clearly, the months of grueling rehearsals and practices have paid off.

From a spectator perspective, the members of the troupe appear to have very good chemistry and cohesion. Their enjoyment of dance is contagious; their smiles while effortlessly performing difficult routines make the show especially noteworthy.

Founded in 2010, the Broad Street Dancers have made their mark in Oxford. They have carved out a niche that other dance troupes will have difficulty replicating because of their unique combination of multiple styles and outstanding choreography.

Dynamica is indeed an appropriate name for this show. The performances are robust and powerful, the dancers are passionate, and the music is bold.

While there are many excellent dance troupes, BSD stands out for its rich and deep versatility. Seldom does an audience have the opportunity to be treated to a panoply of jumps, turns, lifts, and spins with such a degree of originality and appeal.

The BSD perform throughout Oxford much to the delight of their growing audience and popularity. Many of the members have also performed competitively and earned top honors and awards.

Refreshing and invigorating, Dynamica is a must-see show. There is nothing quite like it in Oxford or anywhere else. Viewers will be treated to a wonderfully uplifting performance, sure to delight all in attendance. Mark your calendars and cancel conflicting engagements. This is a show to see and a show you will not forget for all the right reasons.

Dynamica is being performed at the Old Fire Station on George Street on February 26-28 and tickets are selling fast.


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