Top Five Worst Wigs in Film


5. Emma Watson, My Week with Marilyn (2011)

Watson had just famously cut her hair into a short and chic style, so what were the makers of this film to do when she was supposed to play a character from the 1950s? Stick a ludicrously frumpy and ill-fitting barnet on her, of course. 

4.Taylor Lautner, Twilight (2008)

It would have taken a truly great actor to distract us from Jacob’s locks in this film, and unfortunately Lautner is not one of those. Luckily, with a fresh trim and solid six-pack, he undergoes a complete transformation in the later films (but not even that could save this franchise).

3. Cameron Diaz, Being John Malkovich (1999)

It’s a fantastically eccentric film and Diaz is great in it, but this frizz-from-hell wig makes her resemble more of an animal than the actual animals of her petting-zoo home.

2. Nicolas Cage, Con Air (1997)

You’ll recognise this one from the countless memes even if you haven’t seen the film. Cage is a criminal with a heart of gold, and his ridiculous flowing wig (that gives Gandalf a run for his money) floats gently behind him wherever he goes.

1. John Travolta, Battlefield Earth (2000) 

We’d all rather forget that this film happened for many reasons, not least because of Travolta’s Chewbacca-esque hairdo. Oh, he’s supposed to be an alien? That makes it okay then.


Photo/Kimberly French/Summit


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