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In our final issue of Hilary, we have substituted our regular restaurant review with a heartfelt recommendation.

An Oxford term is both physically and emotionally draining – there are no doubts about that. Recently, discussions of introducing a reading week to ease fifth week existential crises have been trending. But experience dictates that things are not likely to change anytime soon. With Trinity being the term of the P-word and F-word, The Oxford Student looks for alternative ways to relieve your anxieties and stay healthy.

 Massage. The word oozes extravagance and a slight hint of moral judgement. There is something guilt-inducing about going for a rub down. Indeed it is not a route students normally even consider. But why is that?

This week, we tried out the award-winning Neal’s Yard Remedies on the High Street for a dose of end-of-term therapeutic relaxation. The problems from the Oxford bubble immediately melted away into an oblivious 60-minute session of lavender-scented pampering. As you lie on the bed, the sound of Indian music fills the warm air, the only worry you could possibly have is the session coming to an unwilling end. Our massage therapist Sue Evans’ gentle healing touch left us feeling rejuvenated and renewed. She was also a specialist trained in holistic remedies and her breathing techniques can help those everyday anxieties.

But that is not all. Experts have suggested that 80 to 90 per cent of diseases are stress induced. Students at Oxford, with our ‘work-hard-play-hard’ attitude to life, are at a high risk of pushing ourselves too far over the edge. Research has shown that the occasional massage could help combat chronic diseases such as cancer, depression as well as lowering blood pressure.

 Neal’s Yard Remedies understands that what you put on your skin is just as important as the treatment itself: they boast of using only the purest and most natural ingredients free from inorganic substances and animal testing. They also give advice on an array of super foods and natural remedies that can help reduce your Oxford-stress level. They offer you an herbal brew that helps the body to get rid of the toxins released from your bodies after the massage. We left floating away in a meditative trance.

Neal’s is a pleasant, calming and professional massage parlour; it is also one of the most economical in Oxford. Having a massage offers more than just about feeling good; it is also very beneficial for long-term psychological and physiological well-being.

For our readers, we have also secured a 10 per cent discount for your next appointment at Neal’s. Simply take a copy of this article to show upon arrival to receive your well-deserved elixir for staying healthy.


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