Olivia Merrett tipped to be next Union President following resignation of Roberto Weeden-Sanz

Roberto Weeden-Sanz, Oxford Union President-Elect for Trinity 2015, has been forced to resign from his position by a Special Disciplinary Committee.

According to a Union insider, Olivia Merrett, currently Secretary, is likely to take up the position of President next term, with Zuleyka Shahin as Treasurer and Nikolay Koshikov as Secretary.

The Disciplinary Committee was called following an automatic resignation from Weeden-Sanz earlier in March after he failed to attend three compulsory Union meetings during the course of Hilary Term.

During Tuesday evening’s meeting, which lasted almost nine hours, Weeden-Sanz presented a dossier containing detailed information about his alleged absences for examination by three ex-Union committee members. According to Union rules, the compulsory meetings may be missed if there is “good reason”, such as a “pressing and extraordinary engagement”.

At around 12:30 am, it was confirmed that Weeden-Sanz’s appeal had failed and that his resignation would not be withdrawn.

Over the course of the meeting, Weeden-Sanz also accused Lisa Wehden, Ex-President, and Felicity Blackburn, Ex-Chairman of Consultative Committee, of dereliction of duty. While the committee deemed Wehden and Blackburn not guilty of these charges, they admitted breaches had been made in procedural duties related to ratification of minutes and notice concerning absences.

Ex-Treasurer-Elect Antonia Trent was also found by the SDC to have automatically resigned earlier during Hilary term

According to Union Rule 28(b)(vi), “The President-Elect shall be succeeded by the Librarian, the Librarian-Elect shall be succeeded by the Treasurer, and the Treasurer-Elect shall be succeeded by the Secretary”.

Weeden-Sanz’s resignation comes after three years of involvement with the Oxford Union. He was elected after standing unopposed for the position in Michaelmas Term 2014.

It is understood that a statement on behalf of the Union will be released over the weekend.


Cover image/The Oxford Union