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As the Oxford teams gather on the stage, all victorious, the crowds are dispersing. It’s been a remarkable couple of days for the university, but without a doubt April 11th 2015 will be a significant date in the rowing calendar, as the women’s teams have rowed the same course on the same day, with the same coverage. It’s been years in the making, but we’re here.
And with that, the OxStu coverage ends for another year.

18:31 The final cox has been thrown into the river. A slow-motion replay of this has since followed. Traditions are great. I am none the wiser as to the reasons for this, but it did make for a more dramatic end to a great day for Dark Blues.

18:27 Oxford collect their medals as the winners of the 161st Oxford-Cambridge Boat race.

18:26 Cambridge hit the stand as runners up. Heads are lowered. Feel slightly bad for shoeing the tabs now.

18:21 Everyone’s waiting for the presentation now, as the crews celebrate on the side of the Thames.

18:16 Oxford have disembarked. Cambridge still on the water. On twitter, their respective university social media accounts are making friends. Cute.

18:13 Great weekend for the Dark Blues, as they have won both first races, both reserve races, and the Veterans race yesterday.
OUBC win by 20 seconds and around 6 lengths.


18:09 Oxford are 5 lengths clear at Barnes Bridge

18:08 Open water at Chiswick steps as Oxford are well ahead of Cambridge.

18:06 The Oxford cox has a pleasantly gruff voice as he encourages his team to work with the river. Alys Key’s phone has been reborn to document this race.

18:05 OUBC are 2 lengths clear now

18:04 Glory supporter much?

18:02 Cambridge increase their stroke rate by 2. Oxford are now clear of Cambridge by a length.

18:00 Cambridge feeling the advantage of the course right now. Great camera angle for the coxes. Ox still lead, but not by much.

17:58 Oxford were half a length ahead, but they will not have a bend in their favour for another 8 minutes of rowing. Cambridge are catching up. This is super tense. The umpire has ordered the boats to move apart – no doubt hoping to avoid the clash of oars seen last year.

17:57 Cambridge have come back with a stroke rate of 34 to Oxford’s 33 as they both near Fulham’s ground.

17:55 Oxford are a quarter of a length ahead so far. Cambridge are close behind


17:53 The cox arms are still aloft. Both teams waiting for the race to begin as the tide surges. Tense.

17:50 Hard to ignore the shade that the BBC has just thrown at Isis. There are “two significant races today”. Theirs is not one. Sorry lads.

The winning Isis crew, who overcame a good Goldie lead to gain clear water at Barnes Bridge. 3 lengths the verdict

— The Boat Races (@theboatraces) April 11, 2015

17:49 The men’s line up changed due to illness apparently. We hope everyone’s recovered! Ahead of the final race of the day, OUBC stroke Constantine Louloudis’ name is on everyone’s lips.


17:42 Confirmation that OUWBC won by 19 seconds, taking 19 minutes 45 seconds to complete the course.

17:39 Twitter is the place to be today, if you’re not at the Thames or refreshing the OxStu page. BNOC Aled Jones echoes the thoughts of many Oxford students today

whilst OUSU Pres LJ Trup gets in on the anti-Tab action, with a cutting use of “lol”.

17:38 Goldie are leading Isis by 1 2/3 length at Hammersmith Bridge as the wind picks up and the tide comes in.

17:37 2.5 hours into OxStu coverage. This writer’s fingers are aching, Alys Key’s phone battery has taken a beaten. Yet we prevail.

17:35>/strong> The cox has suffered from the traditional water dunk. Where did this tradition come from? I’m not too sure, but it does look like fun.

17:32 Can’t help but feel sorry for the Isis boat, they’re sharing the spotlight with the Firsts and the television coverage seems to have forgotten about them. We remember guys, don’t worry.

17:29 Goldie is a length in the lead, but has apparently been warned repeatedly warned at Barn Elms.

17:26 The winners of the women’s boat race are presented to the crowd and shake Sir Steve Redgrave’s hand before collecting their medals.

17:25 The presentation gets underway. Cambridge are first to take the stage.

17:20 The Men’s Reserve Race has begun.

17:17 Regardless of the outcome, both OUWBC and CUWBC have both made history today.

17:15 Nice to see the Osiris crew come along and help their victorious team mates out of the water. Great couple of days for Oxford’s women rowers.
Meanwhile, the men have made it to the water.


17:09 The Oxford team have named their boat Catalyst. Appropriate for the occasion, although reminding students of their repressed GCSE Chemistry, I’m sure

17:06 “Let’s do this for everyone who made this happen!” – The OUWBC cox Jennifer Ehr to her squad.

17:04 Coming up to Chiswick Steps at 2 miles. Wind’s at 18-22 mph. Oxford still well clear.

17:03 Oxford at 3 lengths by St Pauls. Wind’s picking up now

17:00 The teams have been going for around ten minutes now. So far it’s slower than yesterday’s Reserve Race, as the wind today is stronger. It’s not yet slowing the teams as they head down the Thames.

16:58 Coming up to Hammersmith Bridge now

16:56 OUWBC will be desperate to keep this lead, as CUWBC have upped their stroke rating up to 32.

16:54 OUWBC are clear of Cambridge now, with the latter struggling to keep their rhythm

16:53 OUWBC are almost clear of Cambridge coming up to Craven Cottage

16:52 Cambridge are already a quarter of a length behind


16:46> Some final pre-race stats: Cambridge have 41 wins to OUWBC’s 28, but the latter have won 11 out of the 15 last races.

16:43 The crowds on the banks are some of the busiest in the race’s history. A quick look at the men’s reserves sees that both Goldie and Isis have boated ahead of the Reserve Race.

16:37 With ten minutes to go before the women begin, here’s a bit of info on the geography of the races.
The Championship Course is 4 miles, 374 yards long (or 6.8km), between Putney and Mortlake. The course has been used for every race since 1845, except in 1846, 1856, and 1863 when the race was held in the opposite direction.
Middlesex side: Fulham/Chiswick side.
Surrey side: Putney/Barnes side.


16:31 OUWBC are the favourites for this race. The stroke, Caryn Davies, is the most medalled Olympian of any boat race, as well as being the tallest women rowing today!

16:30 Both CUWBC and OUWBC are in the water at the Thames.

16:26 Alys Key has made it.

16:22 Don’t be deceived by the sun – a strong westerly wind will be hitting against the tide for a stretch before Hammersmith, likely to create waves. The teams will have to adapt and keep an eye on the water to avoid any trouble. Last week, OUWBC saw how tough the Thames can be when they were rescued by the RNLI.

16:17 London’s looking lovely and sunny over on the BBC as the television coverage gets underway. “This is no longer The Boat Race – these are The Boat Races.” Great words from Clare Balding, really capturing the historical poignancy of this race.

16:14 It’s a big day for traditional British sport, as the Grand National has just begun. This tweeter eloquently embodies the fears of the nation.

16:03 Just under an hour until the first race of the day begins. Too cool to care? Check this out instead.

15:57 All coin tosses have now taken place. Current tally: Cambridge 2, Oxford 1. Surrey station is definitely the place to be.

15:55 The Men’s Boats have had their coin toss. Cambridge won, and again, chose Surrey.

15:44 Who’s rowing when?
16:50 Women’s First
17:20 Men’s reserve
17:50 Men’s First

15:42 Last year we saw #WhichBlueAreYou, but this year #ChangingHistory is the hashtag of the race. No pressure there then…

15:38 The Men’s Reserves have had their coin toss. Goldie (the Cambridge Reserve boat) has won, and also chosen Surrey. Seems to be a popular station.

15:36 Since the first release, there have been a couple of the male rowers shuffled around their boats. In the Blue Boat, James O’Connor is now at 2, Tom Swartz at 4. In Isis, James Mountain is now at 4, Joshua Bugajski at 6.

15:29 Wondering who’ll be repping you on the waters today? Check out the official press release to meet your Dark Blue crew.

15:25 The coxes for both men’s reserve boat Isis, and the First boat have just Weighed In.

15:05 The Newton Women’s Boat Race:
The coin toss has just taken place. Oxford won, and have chosen Surrey Station. Fingers crossed this luck will continue for the team.

15:00 Hello, and welcome to the start of The Oxford Student’s coverage of the 2015 Oxford-Cambridge Boat race. Today sees three races taking place – both first boats, and the men’s reserve. Yesterday the Oxford women’s reserve boat Osiris were victorious, and did indeed, Shoe the Tabs.

The history of today’s race cannot be ignored – this is the first time in the 87 years of competing that the Oxford and Cambridge Women’s First Boats will race the same course at the men, on the same day.

This course will take both races four miles along the River Thames, beginning at Putney Bridge and ending at Chiswick Bridge.

Both the men’s and women’s Oxford crews have something to prove. OUBC will be hoping to emulate the success of last year’s boat race, whilst OUBWC are hoping to make it three in a row for the Dark Blues. Pressure is building after the historic victory of Osiris yesterday – the women’s reserve boat beat Cambridge and became the first women to pass the finish line on the championship course.

Behind the blog is Editor-in-Chief Nasim Asl (@nasimicle) whilst associate editor Alys Key (@fashionmoriarty) is in London to see the race, and will be tweeting from @TheOxStu.

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