OUCA President-elect banned from Cuntry Living


The President-elect of Oxford University’s Conservative Association, Jan Nedvidek, has been removed from feminist discussion group Cuntry Living after sharing sensitive posts elsewhere.

Nedvidek was removed by Cuntry Living administrator Alyson Cruise after it emerged that he had posted screenshots of Cuntry Living posts onto the Oxford Liberal Forum in an allegedly “mocking” manner. It is against group rules to share material posted in the group on other forums.

One female student and regular reader of Cuntry Living commented to The Oxford Student: “Posting screenshots of private and sensitive posts is obviously unacceptable. But we shouldn’t forget that the Cuntry Living admins have become far too quick to remove people recently for often minor infractions. I feel this contributes to the group’s intimidating atmosphere and discourages a lot of people (like myself) from joining in discussion.”

Cuntry Living and its administrators have previously fallen under heavy criticism for removing members from the group and have been accused of “unjustifiable banning and dismissal of opinion”. Two weeks ago, an opinion piece was published on The Stepford Student voicing contrasting opinions concerning the banning of members.

The piece questioned the purposes of the group, asking: “should it [Cuntry Living] be an introspective safe space, or function as an open debating group?”

Ruby Lott-Lavigna commented: “It is a space to be angry. It is one of many feminist, intersectional forums, and cannot try to be everything for everyone.”

On The Stepford Student, she argued that, “Expecting this space to be an educational forum for every white dude is to burden those with levels of oppression.”

Christ Church student Becky Butler voiced a different opinion: “Cuntry Living is losing sight of goal-oriented feminism that improves society, in favour of a spade to vent frustrations. There is no reason it cannot do both. It is possible to have a system of banning insensitive trolls whilst keeping genuine enquirers and notices. It will require faith in humanity.”

A Somerville student defended the Cuntry Living admins: “They’ve done a great job of kicking out the male trolls who seem to take pleasure in mocking feminism and mocking our experiences. I’m intensely grateful for what they do.”

Last year, Vice journalist Clive Martin was removed from the group after sharing screenshots of the group to his Twitter followers.

Jan Nedvidek and Alyson Cruise declined to comment.

PHOTO/Roger Askew


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