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Trinity Term is upon us bringing with it collections, essay crises and, the dreaded run-up to exams. As if all of that isn’t bad enough we’re suddenly thrust back into a cruel, almost-real world where cleaning, laundry and, cooking are no longer miraculously done for us. On the bright side we are, once more, the masters of our own destinies though – or densities as may be the case with regards to meal times – and, surrounded by equally stressed friends, this can mean only one thing: comfort eating. There are few greater motivational aids than the thought of a well-deserved, hot evening meal; a proper coffee or binging with a study buddy on the box of muffins that you managed to sneak past the librarian. As work takes hold it’s important to maintain some sort of social life, for sanity’s sake if nothing else. Why not agree early-on to go out for dinner with friends once every week or every other week? This is sure to raise morale and provide much needed human contact, particularly for those living out.

While food may be a welcome relief or much-needed fuel for revision, this is no excuse to abandon a healthy diet as eating properly is just as important as getting a good night’s sleep for staying awake and productive. It’s important to ensure that you start preparing good meals for yourself again from the very beginning of term; otherwise your health as well as your bank balance could suffer.  If you like to snack while working it’s easy to not realise quite how much you’re eating which, after an initial burst of energy, can leave you feeling lethargic later on in the day. It’s also easy to get thrown out of many libraries in this way so it’s best to know which to avoid (or at least which desks you are least likely to get caught at). If you are going to flout rules on eating in libraries avoid foods which will leave crumbs or make a lot of noise and ensure that you get rid of any evidence by taking your rubbish with you.

A good supply of your favourite fruit is a great way to snack healthily. If you get through a lot of fruit (or any other foodstuff for that matter) visiting Gloucester Green Market on a Wednesday morning allows you to support local traders and stock up at a great price. For those who prefer crisps, popcorn has become a popular substitute as it is filling, available in a variety of flavours and has far fewer calories than the same amount of crisps. The final decision on what you eat, of course, rests with you and as the pressure mounts it’s important to remember that eating to forget is far better than forgetting to eat.

PHOTO/Tomáš Zeleninský


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