Somerville student outrage at removal of sports team photos


letter of protest to their College Dean following the removal of sports teams photographs from the College bar.

The move was taken by the Decanal Team on Friday 13th March, and to date no official announcement has been made to why. Students have reported that enquiries to the deans were simply met with the response that “it needed to come down”.

One disgruntled Somerville footballer said: “This is another example of our left leaning college exacting too much power over the JCR body. It is astonishing that something so innocuous yet important to the Somerville student community can garner such an unjustified response. I am truly heartbroken. Disgrace”.

In a letter to be sent to the Dean, students outlined their reasons for opposition to the act, stating that “The JCR spent £67 having photos printed and framed… College explicitly agreed to have the photos on the wall of The Terrace when Andrew Parker met with the Sports Officer”.

They continued by stating that: “As this was a Decanal decision it is reasonable to suggest that it was made either to prevent indiscipline, or as a punishment for indiscipline. We utterly reject the suggestion that five still photographs of JCR members could in anyway lead to a breaking of College rules. We also suggest that to remove the photos as punishment would be cruel and unusual given it penalises the JCR as a whole. It would also be unjust given no one was informed that the photos were to be taken down”.

However, not all Somerville students have challenged the move. A Somerville History student commented: “Personally, I don’t see what the fuss is about. I didn’t even notice that the photos were gone until a few days after the apparent disappearance. The photos were in a pretty awkward place anyway and they were quite small. We already know who’s in which team so i’m not overly sure as to why we needed them in the first place. I don’t know that many people who actually care that they aren’t there anymore, I think there are bigger issues that we should be working on as JCR”. 



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