The Vintage Kilo Sale returns to Oxford

One of the prevailing trends of this spring is a return to the 1970s, all things suede and fringe “why buy a 70s inspired dress for £55 when you can get a genuine 70s frock from us for £5?” says Janessa Williams, brand manager of The Vintage Kilo Sale which is returning to Oxford on the 2nd May. She isolates the return to retro styles as one of the reasons the vintage industry has taken off in recent years. “Bloggers culture has also greatly helped the vintage scene too – more and more people are craving a look that’s individual and the thrifting element really feeds into that, particularly with students who are so often on strict budgets but are bursting with creativity.”

The sale is the fashion-focused sister event to Judy’s Affordable Vintage where the task is for the savvy shopper is to collect a kilo of vintage clothes, which is 3-5 items, for the price of £15. Yet how does one approach such a task with so many options “For me personally, I always feel it’s best to grab anything you like the look of – after all, everything is one of a kind and if you put something down, you might not find it again!”

“We visited Oxford a couple of years back and had a really great day – Oxford students particularly really know how to shop! This year, we’re setting up Oxford University’s Catholic Chaplaincy and couldn’t be happier with the space – they’ll be plenty of room for our shoppers to rummage, check out our jewellery concession and generally have a great time. Oxford is such a beautiful city that I’m so excited to manage my first event there.”

Kilo SignAnother draw of the event is the merits of ethically sourced vintage clothing “we take pride in bringing as much variety to our events as possible, and anything that doesn’t sell at kilo sales is taken back to the warehouse to be responsibly recycled into new clothing, to sell on to other traders or to help stock our next event.”

“I prefer street style or trusting my own fashion instincts. That said, my favourite era has always been the late 60s/early 70s so I’m loving the fact that that has seeped into high fashion this season. I’m the first to admit that my sense of style is probably a little too eclectic to be considered truly ‘fashionable’  – anyone who knows me will know that I love a good splash of colour and a pattern clash! I think that’s what the kilo is all about though – pulling together random pieces and having fun with your wardrobe rather than worrying about what’s on trend.”

With the market for vintage clothing growing and the multitudinous benefits from value, durability to sustainability what are the next steps for a vintage trader “More and more sales! As it stands we operate in over ten cities, but there always plans to expand further. We take our customers feedback very seriously and if there is enough call for a particular location, we’ll always look into doing a kilo there. Over summer, we also have a few festival plans and to expand our magazine, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Digest.”

Images: press at The Vintage Kilo Sale