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A student at the Saïd Business School has promised to match any donations made towards a disaster relief campaign following the recent earthquake in Nepal.

April Chapman, a student in the Diploma in Strategy and Innovation programme at the Business School has pledged to personally match any donations made by students up to around £13,170 made until 7th May. The donations, which have so far reached roughly £3200, will go to World Vision, the world’s largest international children’s charity. This will help to provide a range of measures in emergency relief including food, temporary shelters, hygiene kits, water andemergency health.

Chapman commented “The real story here is about a diverse group of successful, over-achieving business men and women from around the globe coming together to help their neighbors in a time of tragedy and crisis. As soon as the news broke about the earthquake in Nepal, social media posts and emails within our group started flying to discuss what we could do to offer help. In fact, one of our colleagues, who is a cardiologist, was consulting with search and rescue teams on their way to Nepal. Another colleague, who is an architect, working on a rebuilding response with habitats for healing. Our cohort quickly coalesced around a group financial gift for our Nepalese neighbours. Our hearts are broken for the Nepalese and our hope is for a speedy clean up, recovery and rebuilding.

“My husband and I have a passion for generosity and how it changes the lives of both givers and receivers, so I came up with the idea of challenging my classmates with a matching gift up to $20,000 until the 7th of May. They’re a competitive bunch, so I figured this would inspire some bigger donations!”

The Nepalese earthquake, which occurred on the 25th April and measured 7.8 on the moment magnitude scale left over 7000 people dead and over 14,000 injured. It is believed that around 8 million people have been affected in total. The destruction caused by the quake has caused widespread damage across the country including the capital Kathmandu and thousands more villages closer to the epicenter. As a result, the country has come under enormous strain and this has meant that shelter, water, and medical supplies are in great demand.

Donations can be made to the campaign online by visiting the Oxford DIPSI Nepal recovery page on World Vision’s website

Photo/Hilmi Hacaloglu


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