As we get further into term and dreaded finals (or prelims) edge ever closer, finalists’ gloomy faces become easier and easier to spot around college. With this in mind, here is a super easy guide to cheering up a your finalist friend/college parent with a care package.

Coffee. I would explain why this is a good idea, but that would be pointless. From here until the end of finals, it’s pretty much an endurance test. Plus, buying them the caffeine saves our poor finalist a trek to Sainsbury’s and preserves those valuable five minutes of revision.

Herbal tea. Relaxing, calming, helps with sleep. Nothing not to like. Works best in tandem with caffeine, I would not advise substituting one for the other.

Pens. Preferably in large quantities with fun colours. Revision is significantly more fun in neon. That is probably something we non-finalists believe, but certain colours are proven to have a mood-boosting effect and our favourite gloomy finalists are not really in a position to turn that down.

Hand cream. So much writing = so much pain.

Chocolate. Or whatever kind of cheering-up food they might like. On second thoughts, if it actually does start getting hotter chocolate might not be the best option – I can only imagine the pain and struggles of discovering your revision-break chocolate has melted to mush. Heartbreak. Bear this in mind.

Oranges. Because vitamin C. Like I said, it’s just an endurance test and nobody got time for pesky colds.

Something fizzy, fun and celebratory. Whatever they’re not allowing themselves to have during finals, buy it for them as motivation. I know, I know, it sounds a little bit mean but trust me, it works. The bottle of Prosecco chilling in my fridge was definitely a major motivation for me during Mods.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s a start and I’m confident (speaking from personal experience) that this will put at least a temporary smile on a finalist’s face. Or someone doing prelims, but we don’t have a good word for those guys. And one final thing: whatever you do, don’t moan about your comparatively meagre workload. They will have no sympathy.